Double Barrel Kitchen

If you’re a Mermaid resident you should get down and check this place out on your next morning stroll! Double Barrel Kitchen is a delightful little café, just perfect for the locals. Its simple, yet beautifully decorated and has all your favourite (naughty) cabinet treats available – I somehow managed to control myself but I could definitely hear the caramel slice calling my name!


Although I only popped my head in for a quick pre-grocery shop coffee I managed to have a sneak peak at the menu and it all sounds pretty enticing…And reasonably priced too! Umm let me just talk about that amazing light fitting above the register – what a work of art! I need to have one in my own home ha. Some of the furnishings looked recycled which is a feature I LOVE and again, we love the use of plants! Coffee was really tasty and the dusty light blue cups they are served in were just the cutest (also something I need in my house). I also love that they have completely opened up the windows and doors at both ends of the café – it allowed there to be a beautiful natural breeze which flowed right through the middle. Will be great on those hot summer days! Without sugar coating it this really is a super cute café that is perfect for those who live around the corner. Good coffee, great service and an overall pleasing atmosphere to dine in.



Christie Smith xx


+Double Barrel Kitchen

Karbunya St, Mermaid Waters

(Just off Pacific Ave)



I haven’t been to the Bahamas but I can imagine the cafes there look a little something like it does at Little Mermaid. There is something different to look at in every corner.. Im talking coconuts, books, shells, ornaments of all sorts, funky light fittings and plants for daysss. They’ve also got a mix of wicker, wooden and metal furniture – even a bloody swing! You can literally swing life away here..

I’am really in love the laidback vibe here – day or night! The staff are always super cheerful and the coffee actually makes my top 3 Gold Coast favourites list (big call) !! Heard of Nord Coffee Co? Neither had I until K Bar & Meze re-opened its doors as Little Mermaid with a fresh look and completely new menu. Newly to the roasting scene Nord Coffee Co provide a delicious organic blend that satisfies my taste buds immensely! My experience with the food on the other hand has fallen a little short of impressive. Nothing to special going on here, I found the few meals that I’ve tried to be a little bland – just sort of missing something, ya know?! There has definitely been more then one occasion that I have sipped the afternoon away, one cappuccino to espresso martini at a time. Its that ‘holiday’ feeling you get here.. It just kind of sucks you in and makes you stay (that, and the delicious cocktails ha).

Little Mermaid is definitely my go to cafe of the moment and it just happens to be down the road from me which is a total bonus! The coffee never disappoints and I can always find a cosy little corner to sit in with my laptop or book – did I mention they have wifi..?!


Christie Smith xx


+ Little Mermaid

2557 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach




I was one of the lucky customers who got to have the Randy Wallhole experience within the first 48 hours of their doors opening! Let me tell you now…this cafe is going to be a hit! There’s nothing quite like kicking back with a good coffee whilst listening to the sweet sounds of The Beatles playing in the background – on vinyl nonetheless! If having a working record player wasn’t vintage enough for you then perhaps the retro decor will assist you in taking that step back in time. Assorted chairs, tables and art deco gives an almost “Grease” (the movie) feel to it mixed with Andy Warhol’s studio. Everything is mismatched and it totally works!

In the heart of Southport this little cafe is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the CBD. You cant help but feel slightly at home here at Randy Wallhole (or perhaps even at your grandparents house ha). It could be the incredibly comfy lounges that suck you in or the family fun board games lying around just waiting for you to spend hours playing them, OR, it could even just be the warm friendly staff who greet you with big smiles on arrival. Either way, there was just something about the place that made me feel totally comfortable – so comfortable in fact that at one point I found myself with my feet up on the couch!

The menu is quite simple but I believe it adds to that “homely” vibe they’ve got going on. Jaffles, bagels and even coco-pops are all on offer… Sounds like a typical Sunday morning in the Brady Bunch household to me! I went for the Bavo Bagel – Bacon, avo, cos lettuce, tomato with garlic aioli. Full of flavour this bagel definitely satisfied my taste buds. My mouth is watering now just thinking about it! On the coffee front Randy Wallhole’s blend of choice comes from a roaster in Brisbane known as Toby’s Estate. I found the coffee to be full bodied with a smooth creamy aftertaste. Very enjoyable! I strongly advise you to get down and check this place out if your looking for a little life escape. Take a book, curl up in one of the leather armchairs with a coffee and sip your morning away!



Christie Smith xx



21 Nind Street, Southport



This place is buzzing right from the get go. As the café seating spills out onto the sidewalk all you can hear is the dining and chatter of patrons as you stroll on up the path. For a quiet suburban neighbourhood this little café is almost always at capacity and has a lot going for it! If your about to pass out of starvation or are in a hurry then I’m not too sure this is the brekky destination for you today my friend. I don’t think I have ever come here to eat and haven’t had to wait for a table (even on a Monday morning)! Mind you – the food and coffee is that good that it’s totally worth the wait!

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My most recent visit to Elk lead me to try something different from the menu (yep, sometimes I get stuck in my ways). My friend always raves on and on about the Potato Hash so I just had to see what all the fuss was about. I was definitely impressed – it was everything she described and more! Move over Avocado and Feta Mash, I’ve now converted to the Potato Hash ha! Bursting with flavour and texture this really was one delicious dish.

The coffee is one thing that will certainly not let you down here. Never have I had a bad cup (big call I know)! With barista’s having years of training and experience in using the “Single Origin” blends it’s no wonder they know how to make a good cup!

Distressed paint on the walls and industrial style seating gives the interior of this cafe a rustic yet modern feel to it. Cant forget about that infamous “elk” imagine which appears on the back wall! Small details including fresh flowers on the tables and subtle light fittings caught my eye which made it feel very welcoming. Staff members are generally friendly and quite attentive to your needs and the general flow of the café works nicely, which makes for a pleasant dining experience!



Christie Smith xx



16 Chelsea Ave, Broadbeach


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Hendrixx espresso is causing quite a stir with its recent celebrity sightings and influx of Instagram pictures floating around the social media world! I couldn’t miss out any longer, I had to go and check out what all the fuss was about! My first thought when walking into this cafe was WOW. The cafe decor blew my mind! No matter which way you turned to look there is something to catch your eye – kooky light fittings, amazing one off art pieces, dream catchers, plants, books, a stained glass window, more books and don’t even get me started on the hard wood floors and exposed brick walls! I would move in tomorrow if I could ha! Theres so much going on in this cafe (in a good way) but the built in bookshelves would have to be my favourite little detail. So simple, yet so creative. The plush lounges nestled in the corner are as comfy as they look and are a perfect nest to sink into with your favourite book and of course a big ‘cuppa joe’.

My second thought of Hendirxx was “Where is my coffee? I ordered it like 20 minutes ago.. have you forgotten about me??” So my amazement of this cafe falls a little short when it came to the food and service point of things. My friend and I ordered our food and coffee’s then took a seat. My coffee never came out so I reminded one of the waiters and they looked confused. After a few minutes of back and forth explanations I finally got my coffee! YAY. Needless to say it was a rather delicious iced coffee. We soon ran into another hitch – my friends food came out as the wrong order. More explaining and more back and forth confusion, 10 minutes later my friends meal finally arrived (as the correct order)! Although now, my food was cold. Damn. I ordered avo on toast, quite tasty but didn’t wow me. I think I slightly lost my appetite after all the hoop jumping we did to get our food!

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All in all my Hendrixx experience wasn’t bad enough to put me off for good! The staff were friendly, the food was acceptable and the vibe was happening. Im all about the second chances SO…Hendrixx…this isn’t the last you’ll see of me. I will be back!


Christie Smith xx


+ Hendrixx Espresso

1063 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach