Double Barrel Kitchen

If you’re a Mermaid resident you should get down and check this place out on your next morning stroll! Double Barrel Kitchen is a delightful little café, just perfect for the locals. Its simple, yet beautifully decorated and has all your favourite (naughty) cabinet treats available – I somehow managed to control myself but I could definitely hear the caramel slice calling my name!


Although I only popped my head in for a quick pre-grocery shop coffee I managed to have a sneak peak at the menu and it all sounds pretty enticing…And reasonably priced too! Umm let me just talk about that amazing light fitting above the register – what a work of art! I need to have one in my own home ha. Some of the furnishings looked recycled which is a feature I LOVE and again, we love the use of plants! Coffee was really tasty and the dusty light blue cups they are served in were just the cutest (also something I need in my house). I also love that they have completely opened up the windows and doors at both ends of the café – it allowed there to be a beautiful natural breeze which flowed right through the middle. Will be great on those hot summer days! Without sugar coating it this really is a super cute café that is perfect for those who live around the corner. Good coffee, great service and an overall pleasing atmosphere to dine in.



Christie Smith xx


+Double Barrel Kitchen

Karbunya St, Mermaid Waters

(Just off Pacific Ave)




Let me just start by saying that I’m really loving these new European inspired cafes opening up around the Gold Coast lately. They take me back to the days of living the good life in London! From the moment I pulled up out the front I knew that Warehouse No. 5 was something special. My first initial thoughts – umm HUGE. Lets just say there will be no chair bumping or accidental drink spilling going on here! Its also very stroller friendly for all those coffee loving baby mummas out there – just not quite friendly enough to allow your little rugrats run free though as you will soon see this cafe has no doors and opens right out onto the car park / main road.


Owners Andy and monique said they were going for a modern but minimal look, something that would compliment the warehouse feel. “Less is more” says Andy and I couldn’t agree more!

The idea behind the warehouse conversion was so that it could be a cafe by day and a workshop by night. Anything from craft beer tasting nights to sex talk seminars – Warehouse No. 5 has big plans for the future! The space can also be rented out for private events which includes a bar and projector screen – perfect for those special parties!
Being tucked away in the Burleigh industrial area Warehouse No. 5 has relatively quiet surroundings and makes for a great spot to study, hold meetings or immerse yourself in a good book. The industrial sized tables are all on wheels (they are handmade by the way) and can also be moved around the room accordingly to cater for any function or business meeting. Again, I’m loving the use of retro art and live plants staggered around the warehouse to give it a funky feel.

It was a typically hot ‘Gold Coast’ day when I came here but the open roller doors on each side of this cafe welcomed the most beautiful breeze flowing through the midldle which made it super pleasant to sit and sip the morning away. I have always been a fan of Blackboard Coffee and was happy to find out it was also selected as the bean of choice at Warehouse No5. Smooth and full bodied my coffee certainly satisfied my taste buds! There is only a small selection of treats on offer at the moment but Andy says there are definitely plans in the near future to expand the menu to cater for their surrounding community. Gym members at F45 could soon be munching on stacked bagels, sipping on protein shakes and fresh juices. They say slow and steady wins the race and I think in this case there is a very good chance that Warehouse No. 5 will be taking home the gold! If your needing a space for any kind of event be sure to check this place out!!


Christie Smith xx


+ Warehouse No.7

87 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads