Burleigh Cafés


Let me just start by saying that I really love the open plan of this cafe – its almost a communal dining experience! You can dine alfresco in the alley way of the Burleigh arcade, sit around the corner along the breezy sidewalk or simply sit inside and enjoy the vintage yet modern decor of the restaurant interior! My favourite little details would have to be the chrome table tops and sepia toned photographs of Burleigh’s earlier days sprawled across the main wall. Simplicity at its best!

Once we were seated and handed our menus we were asked if we wanted to start off with some coffee – YES PLEASE!! I don’t know about you but I really dislike when my coffee comes out after my food! So we were off to a good start already. The menu really drew me in – every dish sounded so perfectly hand crafted and well thought out. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into some of the deliciousness Canteen Kitchen had to offer! Choosing what dish to eat was probably the hardest decision I had to make that morning. The words labneh, cumin, harissa and za’ater flatbread all made a regular appearance on the menu and it had me intrigued! Such a Middle Eastern twist to a modern breakfast menu! This comes as no surprise as the proprietor, Brendan Elchem, comes from a Lebanese background… Way to bring us some of that culture Brendan – you nailed it!

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I opted for the Canteen favourite (as suggested by one of the waiters) ‘ Cumin scrambled eggs, green harissa, meredith goats feta on a sourdough toast. When the meal arrived in front of me I was worried about the portion size – was this going to be enough to fill me?! I am starving! I had nothing to fear, it was the perfect amount… just enough to leave me satisfied but not to much to leave me in a food coma (I know you know that feeling too well) ! The flavours and aromas coming from my dish were incredible and my taste buds danced with excitement after my first bite. YUM! If your a foodie like me and get excited to try unique dishes then this is the place for you. I literally went back again two days later for a solo brekky date… yep – I’m officially hooked!

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Pistachio + quinoa tabouli // Cumin scrambled eggs


P.s If your going to take a few snaps of the place perhaps its best to ask the staff if they don’t mind being in the photo. I had abit of a shock when one of the baristas yelled at me saying that they did NOT want to be in the picture – AWKWARD! Lesson learnt… ask first!


Christie Smith xx




Talk about jungle fever! I fell in love with this cafe the second I laid eyes on it. It somewhat resembles that of a greenhouse with its multiple hanging plants – but you can never have to many plants, right?! The use of this small space has been very creatively designed with the ordering station on one side of a stone brick wall and the dining on the other. This minimises the work noise for optimum catch up gossip time with your pals! Everything about this cafe screams organic. There is a wide range of raw treats in the cold cabinet to choose from along with gluten-free lunch options also. Hot drinks and brekky bowls are all served in amazing hand made terracotta bowls and mugs.. which almost makes want to immediately hit a pottery class and make a set for your own home!

The menu has a large variety of dishes and are all relatively guilt free (phew)! With gluten free, vegetarian and raw options this menu caters for everyone. I was told to try one of their ‘bowls’ so I opted for the Acai Bowl. It certainly did not disappoint! My eyes lit up with excitement as the waitress brought over my food.. Bursting with flavour and being the perfect consistency my acai in all its fruity glory was fresh and delicious! Whats brunch without a coffee?! It was a typical summers day on the Gold Coast so I decided to have an iced coffee. To my surprise it came out like nothing I’ve ever seen before! Heard of deconstructed coffee? This was something that I was new too, so as you can imagine I was super excited to put together my coffee creation! There was a large beaker filled with steamed frothy milk and two smaller bottles – one with liquid sweetener and the other filled with extra espresso. In the main drinking glass it had two frozen espresso ice-cubes, made in house. Add your hot milk and watch the magic happen!


This certainly is one cafe that I continuously come back to – the food, the atmosphere, the coffee…They’ve got in all going on! Make sure you give the deconstructed iced coffee a go!



Christie Smith