Society Of Florida

Being a pretty big fan of Burleigh Social my expectations of Society Of Florida were pretty high! Its set right smack bang in the middle of residential Broadbeach – my first initial thoughts were ‘hmm, location wise this could be a hit or miss destination’. I arrived just before midday and noticed only a handful of people dining outside. Uh Oh. My thoughts were soon put to rest though as I noticed that there was actually a pretty steady flow of people arriving for lunch not long after me.

The interior of this cafe didn’t entirely captivate me. It was very modern, simple, but quite dark. Not very ‘GC’ at all. Black floors and ceiling with ash walls and timber finishings – it actually felt rather cold and is the complete opposite of its summery sister cafe Burleigh Social. Walking in the first thing you couldn’t help but notice was the volume of the music. I literally felt like I was eating my breakfast in a bar it was that loud! I know they say ‘if its to loud you’re to old’ but eggs with a side of raging dubstep on a Saturday morning is abit much for me haha. The menu was rather average – nothing overly caught my eye though. Food and coffee was good, but did take a little while to come out.

My experience at Society Of Florida was all-in-all pretty average. The whole vibe of the place just didn’t wow me and it personally felt a little cold for a ‘sunny Gold Coast’cafe. I think the next time I go I will make it an evening visit – dinner and a few drinks on a friday night would be perfect here as I get more of a bar vibe! I look forward to my sundown experience!


Christie Smith xx


+Society Of Florida

1 Naranga Avenue, Broadbeach Waters


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