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Hendrixx espresso is causing quite a stir with its recent celebrity sightings and influx of Instagram pictures floating around the social media world! I couldn’t miss out any longer, I had to go and check out what all the fuss was about! My first thought when walking into this cafe was WOW. The cafe decor blew my mind! No matter which way you turned to look there is something to catch your eye – kooky light fittings, amazing one off art pieces, dream catchers, plants, books, a stained glass window, more books and don’t even get me started on the hard wood floors and exposed brick walls! I would move in tomorrow if I could ha! Theres so much going on in this cafe (in a good way) but the built in bookshelves would have to be my favourite little detail. So simple, yet so creative. The plush lounges nestled in the corner are as comfy as they look and are a perfect nest to sink into with your favourite book and of course a big ‘cuppa joe’.

My second thought of Hendirxx was “Where is my coffee? I ordered it like 20 minutes ago.. have you forgotten about me??” So my amazement of this cafe falls a little short when it came to the food and service point of things. My friend and I ordered our food and coffee’s then took a seat. My coffee never came out so I reminded one of the waiters and they looked confused. After a few minutes of back and forth explanations I finally got my coffee! YAY. Needless to say it was a rather delicious iced coffee. We soon ran into another hitch – my friends food came out as the wrong order. More explaining and more back and forth confusion, 10 minutes later my friends meal finally arrived (as the correct order)! Although now, my food was cold. Damn. I ordered avo on toast, quite tasty but didn’t wow me. I think I slightly lost my appetite after all the hoop jumping we did to get our food!

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All in all my Hendrixx experience wasn’t bad enough to put me off for good! The staff were friendly, the food was acceptable and the vibe was happening. Im all about the second chances SO…Hendrixx…this isn’t the last you’ll see of me. I will be back!


Christie Smith xx


+ Hendrixx Espresso

1063 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach


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