A little about me…

I guess my journey leading to the coffee world started back when I was just a moody teenage girl of seventeen. My parents were sick of me mooching off them and their money so they lent a helping hand in landing me a job! This happened to be at my local cafe – otherwise known as Zarraffa’s Coffee.

At the time I didn’t appreciate the taste of a good ‘cuppa joe’. I actually despised coffee back then, and continued to turn my nose up at it for several years to come. I was a young naive teenager who didn’t really want learn anything – or work at all for that matter! After two and a half years of sticking it out at Zarraffa’s, one child care diploma under my belt and itchy feet, the time had come for me to move onto a different career path.

Fast forward three years of nappy changing and block tower building I found myself at yet another crossroad. What is life!!! After re-evaluating my situation and the encouragement of my friends I made the enormous decision to pack my life up on the GC and move to foggy town a.k.a London, UK! To this day moving abroad has been the hardest, biggest life changing experience I have ever had.. and the best! I learnt a lot about myself; both big and small things, but mostly, I discovered what I really had a passion for – photography! I always enjoyed taking pictures as a child… You know, capturing trees, rocks, weird things on family trips but over the years I guess I’d forgotten how much I loved taking snaps and just focused on being a drunk rebellious teenager who just wanted to hit the clubs every weekend! London makes it very hard to not want to pull out your camera… the buildings, landscapes, quirky bars and cafes – its just so captivating! Thus leading me to dusting off the camera cob webs and becoming snap happy again.

The coffee addiction soon kicked in as I found myself sitting endlessly in quaint cafes to escape the infamous cold, soggy weather conditions that London has to offer. Brunch date after brunch date and I was hooked! The atmosphere, the buzz, the smell of coffee, the different breakfast menus and the creative cafe decor – I couldn’t get enough! Listening to the barista’s steam up brought back memories of when I worked at Zarraffa’s and it gave me the urge to purge (milk) again.

So now, here we are, eighteen months later, back in Australia and back behind the coffee machine. Although now, I’am working with speciality coffee which is a whole other ball game to the fast food coffee chains. Its funny how sometimes you have to go backwards in order to move forwards in life. I’am forever on the hunt for new and improved cafes/restaurants and will NEVER turn down a brekky date! Just remember; People who love to eat are always the best people!


Christie Smith xx

Check out my Instagram page: @cafeology__



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